I'm Katie! I love my family, my friends, sarcasm, iced coffee, good wine, and nachos....especially the wine and nachos.  I'm a mother to three crazy kids and two even crazier dogs, and a wife to the best man I've ever known (aside from my Dad).  I love to cook, which was a shock to my mother since I used to burn water.  I love trying new son usually hates them, but he hates everything that isn't cheese pizza or salami.  I've been donating money religiously to my gym for about five years now....I swear I'll start going on Monday.  A vacation to me is slowly strolling through Target or Homegoods, childless, sipping an iced caramel latte...the reality is, I usually have a toddler hanging off the cart begging me for whatever surprise toy she just watched a kid open on YouTube.

Santa brought me my first camera for Christmas when I was in first grade.  It had Mini Mouse on it and I can still smell the flash cartridge.  I remember how cool I felt winding the film and holding the button to charge the flash to take another picture of my little sister in my grandma's basement on Christmas Day.  Technology and I have both come a long way since then, and while my mom still says that maybe I "take too many pictures" at least she doesn't have to buy my film anymore.