Anthony + Alexis | Married! | Frankfort Backyard Wedding | Chicago Wedding Photographer

The weddings I love the most, the one's that make my soul sing and remind me why I do what I do, are the weddings that ooze love and laughter.  The weddings where tradition is cast to the side to make the day truly all about the couple.  Alexis and Tony's wedding was one of those weddings, and I am so happy that the stars aligned so that I could be a part of their day.

The week before, I received a message from a bride explaining that her photographer had a medical emergency and could no longer shoot her wedding so she wondered if I had the date available....10 days later. Can you imagine that stress level?  A year of planning and the week before, in June no less, you're suddenly without a wedding photographer? Fortunately, that was the one Saturday I still had open, and I have to say, that other photographer missed out.  Tony and Alexis were a DREAM to work with and their wedding was unique, fun, and amazing!

The two were married by a lifelong friend in the bride's parents' backyard in Frankfort.  Being huge Jimmy Eat World fans, they told themselves that if they ever won the lottery they would hire their favorite band to play at the reception.  Well ten years was long enough to wait. ;) And while they haven't hit the Powerball jackpot, they have an amazing group of friends and a few of those friends are in a killer Jimmy Eat World cover band, Salt Sweat Sugar. Instead of a traditional reception, Tony and Alexis held a full on concert in the backyard.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Vince + Priscilla | Married! | Backyard Wedding | Downers Grove | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Priscilla and Vince had a very specific vision of what they wanted their wedding to be...  They were going to get married in their friends' backyard on a beautiful October afternoon.  Their first dance was going to be timed perfectly with  the glow of the sunset so they could dance together with their friends and family surrounding them with sparklers. And most was not going to rain that day.

Mother nature envisioned it differently.

It didn't just rain. They had a full day of severe thunderstorms and torrential down pours!  

Fortunately, the two are blessed with incredible friends who were unbelievably creative and resourceful.  While Priscilla and Vince were getting ready to exchange their vows, their friends were able to rearrange the space and convert the garage into the perfect ceremony site and dance floor!  Everyone worked so hard to make sure their wedding was still just as beautiful as they had pictured.  Everything worked out.  We met up a couple weeks later for a much drier photoshoot, Priscilla still got her sparkler-lit first dance, and Taylor Swift (Priscilla's favorite) even made an appearance at the reception! ;)  If rain on your wedding day truly is good luck, these two are set for a lifetime of happiness!  


Venue: Private residence
Hair + Makeup: Jennica Ann - Hair & Makeup Artist
Fresh Florals: Petals n' Bloom
Ceremony Backdrop + Floral Arbor: Bling In The Barn