Kate + Mark | Engaged! | Mokena Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

"You make me
dance like a fool
forget how to breath
shine like gold
buzz like a bee

Just the thought of you
can drive me wild

Oh you make me smile "

I love shooting engagement sessions because it gives me a chance to get to know my wedding couples a little better before their wedding day.  I knew the second that I met Kate and Mark at our consultation that they were going to be so fun to work with.  When it came time for their engagement session, they were even more amazing than I had imagined.  The whole hour was full of laughs.  These two are so perfect together and I CANNOT WAIT for their wedding day!


Justine + Ian | Engaged! | Frankfort Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

I cannot wait for Justine and Ian's wedding!  This gorgeous couple is getting married at the AMAZING Warehouse 109 in Plainfield next September.  For their engagement session, we met up in Downtown Frankfort with their adorable husky, Meeka.  I love when couples can relax and have fun together during their session, and these two did amazing!

Rachel and Piotr | Engaged! | Mokena Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Gorgeous light, adorable puppies, and fun couples in love are a few of the things that make my heart sing.  Rachel and Piotr's engagement session brought all of that.  The two wanted to do a session that included Piotr's love of fishing, and their mutual love for their fur baby Mischa, who, by the way, is the calmest, most well trained puppy ever! She worked it in front of the camera and sat and posed for me! My human babies aren't that cooperative! ;) 

 This sweet couple is tying the knot this fall at Dinolfo's.  They were so much fun to work with and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.  Congrats Rachel and Piotr!

Jen + Chris | Engaged! | Rock Run Preserve Engagement Session | Joliet Wedding Photographer

Remember that weekend at the end of September, when the temperature was in the 90s and everyone was complaining and wondering if we would have a fall?  Well, on this 40 degree day in April, I wish I could take it back.  Sorry mother nature.  Can we have our warmth and gorgeous sunsets back please?!

Jen and Chris came out to melt with me that weekend for their engagement session at the Rock Run Preserve in Joliet.  They are the funnest couple and we spent their whole session laughing...and sweating. I am so excited to be shooting their wedding this August at the GORGEOUS Mistwood Golf Club.  

Jenna + Bryan | Engaged! | Hudson Crossing Engagement Session Oswego | Chicago Wedding Photographer

We originally had Jenna and Bryan's winter engagement session scheduled for President's Day, but once the weather forecast said 60 degrees with 100% chance of thunderstorms, we knew we had to figure something else out.  Luckily we were able to get it in the morning before.  And, even luckier, there was the prettiest snow fall the night before that left us a beautiful winter wonderland to play in!  It was absolutely freezing but Bryan had no problem wrapping his arms around his bride-to-be to keep her warm.  These two love birds are getting married this October at the Lake Lawn Resort in Wisconsin, and I cannot wait to celebrate with them!

Jenny + Carl | Engaged! | Mokena Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Jenny and Carl were so much fun to work with! The fact that they are super model gorgeous didn't hurt either.  They were such troopers to get up at the crack of dawn with me for their sunrise engagement session.  I have to say though...that light...gosh...it was soooo worth it!! 

The two are planning a destination wedding in Charleston that I just know will be as fabulous as they are together.  Congrats!

Joe + Katie | Engaged! | Mokena Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

I had so much fun with Katie and Joe at their engagement session!  Katie and I went to high school together and I was honored when she asked me to shoot their wedding.  We shot their "fall" engagement photos in the middle of a late September heat wave.  I don't think anyone planned on it being 90 degrees when we set the date but I know Joe loved every minute of it. ;) 

I cannot wait for their May wedding at Ruffled Feathers!  Hopefully that day will be a little cooler for them. 

Michelle + Andy | Engaged! | Round Barn Farm Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

I had so much fun with Michelle and Andy during their engagement session.  There was a little while that day where it looked the rain was going to foil our plans, but fortunately it stopped just in time for their shoot at Round Barn Farm in Manhattan.  This awesome couple is getting married in Mexico in November! 

Priscilla + Vince | Engaged! | New Lenox Wedding Photographer

I can't even begin to tell you how perfect for each other Vince and Priscilla are!  These two junior high Language Arts teachers are two of the sweetest, most thoughtful people you will ever meet. You can tell how much they adore each other.  We met up for their engagement session at Vince's Aunt and Uncle's BEAUTIFUL backyard.  It is stunningly landscaped and happens to be the spot that Vince proposed to his bride-to-be.  Afterwards we ran over to Hadley Valley Preserve in New Lenox to catch the end of the beautiful sunset.  I can't wait for their backyard wedding in October!  I know it's going to be amazing!

Beth + Luke | Engaged! | Mokena Wedding Photographer

There's nothing better than when you meet a couple who is so comfortable and natural, that they just seem to know what to do and how to move together for the camera.  Beth and Luke made my job so easy during their engagement session!   You can tell that they are so in love and just perfect for each other.  They are tying the knot this October. Congrats!

Lindsay + Kurt | Engaged! | Chicago Wedding Photographer

I got a chance to hang out with Lindsay and Kurt a couple weeks ago at Hadley Valley in Joliet for their engagement session.  They're so much fun to be around and so perfect for each other.  I cannot wait to shoot their New Year's Eve wedding in a couple of months at the Tinley Park Convention Center.  

Arielle + Mercedes | Engaged! | Chicago Wedding Photographer

At the beginning of this year I held an engagement session giveaway.  Mercedes and Arielle were one of the winning couples with an overwhelming amount of votes and comments from friends and family attesting to what an amazing couple they are.  The didn't lie.  I was so happy to finally get to meet the two of them to shoot their engagement session at the Kankakee River State Park.  Right away I could tell how perfect these two ladies are for each other.  They are planning a wedding for next May.

Jessica + Dan | Engaged! | Naperville Riverwalk Engagement Session |Chicago Wedding Photographer

After being introduced by a doctor at work, Dan and Jessica went on their first date in Downtown Naperville and the rest is history.  For their engagement session, we went back to where it all started.  While the restaurant they had dinner at is no longer there, we were able to visit a couple other stops they made that night.  

Dan and Jessica are the sweetest couple and I cannot wait for their wedding this October at Citygate Grill in Naperville!