Wyatt | 18 Months Old! | Mokena Family Photographer

I will never get tired of photographing adorable toddlers in the golden summer sunset light.  Little Wyatt may have not felt the same, but he was such a good boy for his session with me. What little guy wouldn't love time outside snuggling with mommy and daddy? ;)

Parker | 4 Years Old! | Mokena Family Photographer

This little stinker.  I cannot believe he is 4! I met Parker and his family at their very first session with me when he was just a little one year old.  And now look how big he is! He is growing into the sweetest, silliest little boy, just like his big brother.  I just have the most fun when I get to see them. 

Leo | 9 Month Milestone Session | Mokena Family Photographer

Hold him a little longer.
Rock him a little more.
Read him another story,
you've only read him four.
Let him sleep on your shoulder.
Rejoice in his happy smile.
He is only a Little Boy
for such a little while.

I can't believe little Leo is already 9 months old! Where does the time go?!

Parker | 3 Years Old! | Naperville Riverwalk | Chicago Family Photographer

My little buddy Parker turned 3!  Him and his brother are two of the cutest little boys and I always have so much fun with them during their sessions.  Like most three year olds, Parker really made me work for my money during this session at the Naperville Riverwalk, but once he warmed up he was the same silly little boy he always is.